Our Spirituality

We do our best to make our lives a service to God. We wish our faith to be living, our hope strong and our love ever growing. In service to God we find the joyful meaning of life. We wish and are meant to live in a Premonstratensian way according to the example of Norbert and in his spirit, having learnt from the history of our order. For us it means we wish to live according to the two-fold commandment of love for God and our fellow man.

We wish to celebrate God in liturgical prayer. We wish to serve Him in renunciation. We wish to live in an apostolic way in a community of work and in pastoral activities. We wish to love Christ in the Eucharist. We wish to worship the Virgin Mary fervently.

Some may regard the principles of our life as too general and they may question their originality. The contents are indeed general - catholic in the best sense, but the method of their fulfilment is Premonstratensian.

Liturgical life:
Our main mission is collective public Church prayer and the liturgy of the Eucharist. This arises from the fact of our canon disposition. Prayer is the first priority. We strive for it to be beautiful, but mainly dear to God.
Ascetic life:
Means to observe certain restrictions, observe the rules, have patient tolerance for the weaknesses of others. We view conspicuous, flaunted strictness with restraint.
Apostolic life:
We protect ourselves from individualism. We work as a community of brothers and sisters. We realise that prayer is part of any outer activities so that our work may bring fruit in God's blessing. We strive to act in the spirit of Christ's recommendation: So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do. (Lk 17:10)
Eucharistic life:
We work towards all manner of outer and inner Eucharistic reverence, concentrating them on the holy mass. We fight against the weakening of the Eucharistic reverence and against the weakening of faith in the actual Christ’s presence in the Most Holy Sacrament. We like to remain before the Eucharist and observe the liturgical regulations.
Marian life:
The Virgin Mary is our Lady and the Queen of our order. She gave us the white attire and most of our churches are dedicated to her. Mary is the maternal heart of our order. We primarily worship her Immaculate Conception and her joys.

They are as follows:

  • Joy of the message that she would become the Mother of the Saviour.
  • Joy upon the visitation of Elizabeth.
  • Joy of the birth of the Lord still being a virgin.
  • Joy of the visitation of the Wise Men from the East.
  • Joy of finding the 12-year-old Jesus in the Temple.
  • Joy of the appearance of Jesus after His resurrection.
  • Joy of the ascension of Jesus.