ŠIDLOVSKÝ, E.G., Strahov, Prague 1995. Price 40,- Kč. (The book is available in English. German, French, Italian).
This is a little touristic guide with basic information about the past and the present of the monastery, including short descriptions of the church, the well-known library and the collection of paintings.

RYBA, B., Soupis rukopisů Strahovské knihovny, III. - VI/2, Prague 1970-1979. Price 200,- Kč.
The second part of the work describes collection of manuscripts belonging to Strahov Library. The first part is being prepared.

HOFFMANN, F., Soupis rukopisů knihovny Kláštera premonstrátů Teplá, 2 sv., Prague 1992. Price 600,- Kč.
The book describes collection of manuscripts belonging to Premonstratensian monastery in town Teplá in West Bohemia. It is one of the rariest and the most interesting collections in the Czech Republic. Including an introduction in Latin and German, indexes and coloured illustrations.

Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 1/1995
Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 2/1996. Price 120,- Kč.
Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 3/1997. Price 120,- Kč.
Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 4-5/2001 Price 195,- Kč.
Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 6-7/2004. Price 195,- Kč.

Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 8-9/2007. Price 220,- Kč.

Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 10/2011. Price 250,- Kč.
The historical year-book published by Strahov Library. Articles concern monasteriology, history of religion in Bohemia and Moravia, historical libraries and books.


All publications produced by Strahov Library are available at Jan Pišna, except Bibliotheca Strahoviensis 1/1995.