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For the professional public, our study room is open. It primarily serves for research in the funds of the Strahov Library and is also used by researchers studying the art collections of the monastery. Since many of our manuscripts, books, and collection items are already digitized, we only make their originals available in the study room in special cases. However, if a digital copy does not yet exist, it is possible to study the original on-site. Due to the nature of the collections, we do not allow off-site loans.

Tempus scribendi, Protocollum of the Czech Premonstratensian circary, around 1710

Opening hours

Study Room

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9:00-12:00 13:00-16:00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 9:00-12:00 13:00-16:00
Friday 13:00-16:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed

  • We would like to inform researchers that the study room will be closed from Monday, July 1, 2024, to Monday, September 2, 2024.

What the Study Room Offers and How to Use It?

The Strahov Library offers free services common in public libraries in the Czech Republic. To enable study, it is necessary to fill out a research form, present an ID card (national identity card or passport), and adhere to research rules. The research form is renewed annually. It is necessary to book the study room in advance; please direct study requests to the library attendant. Your visit will be confirmed by email along with the availability of the requested works. Please use our online catalogs. With their help, you can find out if the work you are looking for is in our collections and, in some cases, gain direct access to its digital copy.

The study room is equipped with a reference library that contains basic reference and encyclopedic literature, fundamental literature on the history of the Czech lands (including editions like Codex diplomaticus, Berní rula, etc.), an extensive collection of literature on the church history of the Czech lands, basic and simultaneously less available encyclopedic works dedicated to religious institutions, and especially almost complete literature on the history of the Premonstratensian order, including a series of periodicals Analecta Praemonstratensia. There are also reprints of older historical works about the order, such as Annales by Charles Hugo, and standard foreign publications on liturgy or hagiography. For study purposes, photoreproductions can be made, but individual cases need to be consulted with the service in the study room due to the physical condition of the book or collection item.


The oldest catalog of the Strahov Library from 1672
The oldest catalog of the Strahov Library from 1672
Wisdom Has Built Her House, fresco in the Theological Hall by Siard Nosecký
Scholars Studying the World, fresco in the Theological Hall by Siard Nosecký