A community of christian believers, led by a parish priest from the Premonstratensians, who gather around the Strahov Abbey.

A person enters through the gate of baptism into the community of Christ's disciples in order to draw closer to Jesus in the mystery of the Eucharist.

What is a parish?

A parish is a community of Christians united by their faith and membership in the Church, which one enters through baptism. Christians in a parish meet for communal prayer or worship and strive to bring the joyous message (the Gospel) to all people through their lives. Therefore, they try to help people on various levels, from personal visits to systematic service, such as through the service of the Czech Catholic Charity.

Parish life aims to develop not only the spiritual but also the human, social, and intellectual aspects of a person regardless of age or social status. Therefore, various groups regularly meet, and concerts, lectures, recreational activities, campfires, or pilgrimages are organized.