We are also available to you in times of sorrow when someone close to you passes away. It is natural that this event can be surprising, and therefore you may not be fully prepared for all the details of it. However, we are willing to accompany you in moments of grief and also arrange the funeral service.

God did not make death, and he does not rejoice in the destruction of the living (Book of Wisdom 1:13). However, death is overcome in the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is for us the light in the face of the darkness of death.

Theology of Death

A believing Christian views death and preceding suffering differently. A Christian believes that life does not end with death. Death is the end of earthly and sacramental life, but it can also be a day of birth into heaven. Therefore, we look at death with hope, because through our participation in baptism, we believe that when we die with Christ, we are convinced that we will also live with him. Because death is a temporary parting, a Christian funeral represents the surrender of the deceased into the loving arms of God, a prayer for them and for the bereaved, and at the same time a confession of our faith in the resurrection and eternal life with God.

What to Do in Case of Interest in a Funeral?

In case of the death of your loved one, contact the pastor as soon as possible to arrange the date and time for the farewell with the deceased. We usually find the date together with the funeral service to find a suitable date for both you and us, as well as the funeral service. The funeral can take the form of a final farewell in the church or at the cemetery with the deceased being laid to rest in a grave or taken for cremation; as a requiem Mass with a procession to the cemetery or without one; or even as the placement of an urn in the cemetery. It is also possible for the priest to conduct the ceremony or part of it at the crematorium.