The Strahov Monastery is primarily an institution of consecrated life, but it is also an organization with its own structure. Below is a brief description of the organizational structure. Contact details can be found in the corresponding menu above.

A spring view of the Strahov Monastery from the Great Strahov Garden.

Administrative Structure

The legal representatives of the Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov are the Abbot and the Prior. They are assisted in certain tasks by the Master of Novices (Novice Master) and the Master of Clerics (Cleric Master).

Economic affairs are managed by the Provost, along with the Economic Department.

The Legal Department also includes property management.

External communication and representation of the monastery are handled by the Promotion and Visitor Care Department.

Property management is carried out by the Property Management Department, with major repairs, reconstructions, and constructions overseen by the Investment Department.

The care of the Strahov Library, the Gallery, and the art collections is the responsibility of the respective departments assigned to this task.

The Strahov Parish also operates within the Strahov Monastery complex, focusing on pastoral care for the faithful.

In the Contacts menu, you will find contact details for the relevant staff members of each department, as well as contact details for the staff of our associated companies.