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Library and Collection Funds are accessible through links, which can be found clearly in the table below. Below the table, there are explanatory notes on each database and portal. Please consult these sources before visiting the study room. If you are unsuccessful, we will be happy to advise you on how to find a book or collection item.

Catalog of the Strahov Library from 1756
Catalog of the Strahov Library from 1756

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Information for Users on Databases

The entire fund of the Strahov Library can be found in the electronic Tritius Catalog. Records of manuscripts, old prints, and incunabula were primarily taken from the old card manuscript catalog created in the first quarter of the 20th century, so their level may not correspond to today's library processing standards. We are gradually consolidating them, for instance, the incunabula collection is entirely cataloged according to the latest standards. Current literature is also cataloged in a standard way. Access to digitized documents is directly from the record. For searching digitized copies, finer tools can also be chosen.

A fairly large part of the manuscript collection is digitized: all medieval manuscripts, the most research-used modern manuscripts (e.g., monastery annals), and under the systematic digitization of the collection, also signatures starting with DA. These digitized copies can be found under the link "Digitized Manuscripts, Atlases, and Czech-Language Unique Items up to 1800." Digitized copies of foreign-language (mainly German and Latin) prints printed in the territory of Bohemia and Moravia can be found under the link "Digitized Early Prints." The geographical richness of the monastery collections, i.e., atlases, maps, and the collection of globes, is accessible either from "Digitized Maps in the Tritius System" or from the links "Digitized Maps," "Digitized Globes," and "Digitized Manuscripts, Atlases, and Czech-Language Unique Items up to 1800."

Digitized copies from art collections are found under the link "Digitized Collections of Art and Applied Arts." The link "Digitized Collections of Graphics and Drawings" does not yet contain this collection in its entirety. The database with complete records of graphics and drawings is internal only, and research is processed by an authorized employee upon request. Historical photographs of the Strahov Monastery can be found on the link "Historical Photographs." However, the canonry's collections also include historical photographs from other locations and portrait photographs.

From the historical Strahov archive, the collection of charters was completely digitized ("Digitized Charters from the Archive of the Strahov Monastery"), and a scanned inventory from the Vademecum database of the National Archive ("Digitized Inventory of the Historical Archive") is also available. The music archive was inventoried by experts from the National Museum before 1990, and the scanned card catalog is available on the relevant link. From other external databases, we offer the database of Strahov Premonstratensians living in the 17th-19th centuries, which is part of the continuing projects of the Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic focused on early modern religious institutions in the territories of Bohemia and Moravia.


The catalog of the Strahov Library from 1756
Map of London depicting the city fire in 1666
Portrait of the Prague Archbishop Franz Ferdinand von Khünburg according to Petr Brandl, mezzotint by Johann Kenckel, after 1700
The signature of Abbot Vít Seipel in the Liber Provincialis, around 1710.