Biographies of Saint Norbert

Biographies of Saint Norbert. Translated by Bořek Neškudla. First edition. Prague: Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov, 2021. 169 pages. Bibliotheca Strahoviensis. Series monographica; X. ISBN 978-80-88009-25-2. (In Czech language)

Cover of the publication
Cover of the publication

The life stories of St. Norbert and the new religious community were recorded shortly after his death. From the Middle Ages, two versions of the legend have been preserved. The older text, known as Vita A, was only discovered in 1853. The younger text, called Vita B, gained much wider distribution. The author of either legend cannot be reliably identified, and the place and time of their composition can only be roughly estimated. While Vita A was intended from the beginning as a biography of St. Norbert, Vita B was originally meant to be the basis for a history of the Premonstratensian Order. A retelling of these legends in Czech was published in 1940 under the title "Saint Norbert: First Biographies of the 12th Century." The presented publication is the first complete Czech translation, supplemented with illustrative material from the Baroque legend of St. Norbert. The publication was released to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the founding of the Premonstratensian Order.



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