Research Regulations

Below are the research regulations for both the Strahov Library and the collection of artistic crafts. These are concise rules, which you are kindly asked to familiarize yourself with. Below you can also view samples from the 1672 research regulations of the Strahov Library.

Strahov Library Regulations from 1672

Research Regulations of the Library

  1. The Strahov Library (hereinafter "SL") is a private library of the Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov, located in the Strahov Monastery.
  2. SL's funds are loaned for study purposes strictly in the SL reading room. Exceptions may be permitted by the SL director based on a written request.
  3. The reading room is exclusively for studying SL and gallery funds. Access to the reading room is granted to researchers upon presenting a valid ID and completing a research form.
  4. Books, periodicals, and other study materials (hereinafter "books") are ordered in person or by email at least 1 working day in advance. Manuscripts and incunabula require 3 working days. Manuscripts, incunabula, and large-format books are reserved in the reading room for 3 days, old prints for 14 days, and prints after 1800 for 1 month.
  5. A maximum of 5 books, including no more than 2 manuscripts, can be ordered per day. In justified cases, an exceptional exception may be allowed.
  6. A researcher may be issued a maximum of three books at a time for study. In justified cases, an exceptional exception may be allowed.
  7. Loans from special funds (maps, graphics) are subject to additional conditions.
  8. Every researcher is required to leave outerwear and hand luggage. They must also follow all instructions from SL staff, especially maintaining quiet, not bringing or consuming food, drinks, smoking, and not using phones.
  9. The researcher must behave considerately in the reading room, especially not disturbing other researchers, not damaging anything, and not causing disruption with loud conversations or phone calls.
  10. When studying manuscripts, only ordinary pencils or laptops are allowed for note-taking. Pens or similar writing supplies are not permitted.
  11. The researcher must handle borrowed books carefully and cautiously. Any interventions in books (underlining, highlighting, inserting notes, sticking in leaves, using books as writing pads, etc.) are not allowed.
  12. The researcher is responsible for the borrowed books throughout the study period. Each time they leave the reading room, the researcher must return the borrowed books to the librarian and place books from the reference library back in their original place upon leaving. It is not permitted to take books out of the reading room. Such actions will be treated as theft or an attempt at it, with all ensuing consequences.
  13. Only photocopies can be made from SL's historical funds. Copies from prints after 1900 can be xeroxed. For study purposes, researchers can make photocopies with their digital camera.
  14. The publication of reproductions from SL's funds is subject to the director's approval.
  15. The researcher is always required to cite the use of SL materials in their works and to submit a copy of the published work to the library. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of the study permit until a copy of the published work is submitted.
  16. Books for study are issued until 15:30 and must be returned by 15:50 at the latest.
  17. The researcher is required to return borrowed books in the condition in which they were borrowed. Otherwise, they are responsible for any detected defects and must pay for the damage caused.
  18. The researcher must immediately report any loss or damage to the books to SL staff. SL will decide the period and manner of compensation for lost or damaged books.
  19. If the researcher violates any provision of these regulations, borrowed books may be taken away or permission to study may be denied, including expulsion from the Strahov Monastery.
  20. The researcher is responsible for any damage caused by violating legal obligations. Liability for damage is governed by the Civil Code.
  21. The premises of the Strahov Monastery, including the reading room, are monitored by a camera system for protection. By entering the Strahov Monastery, the researcher acknowledges that their movement in the monastery is recorded by the camera system.
  22. SL may, in justified cases, limit or completely suspend the reading room services for a necessary period.
  23. Personal data requested by SL from the researcher are subject to the regime of Law No. 110/2012 Coll., on the processing of personal data, as amended. SL processes data primarily to protect its property. SL processes the data of researchers from the moment the researcher consents to their processing, i.e., by completing a research form. Research forms are stored in the reading room.

This library regulation takes effect on September 10, 2021.


Evermod Gejza Šidlovský OPraem.
Director of Strahov Library

Research Regulations of the Picture Gallery


  1. These research regulations define the ways and conditions of studying the collection items, professional documentation, and records.
  2. The Strahov Picture Gallery (hereinafter "SPG") is a private gallery of the Royal Canonry of Premonstratensians at Strahov (hereinafter "RCPS").
  3. Study in SPG is possible only in designated areas. When studying collection items, professional documentation, and records, the researcher uses only a soft pencil or portable recording devices.
  4. Access to the collections and documentation is granted to researchers upon presenting a valid ID and completing a research form.
  5. Research forms are completed electronically, and their paper versions are archived by the gallery representative to protect the collection fund and monitor compliance with the research regulations.
  6. The research form does not replace consent for other uses of collection items, restoration reports, and SPG documentation, e.g., reproduction, filming, or other publication. Separate permission from RCPS is required for this.
  7. The researcher may only use information obtained from studying in SPG for the purpose stated in the research form. In their scientific and other works, they must cite RCPS and its SPG as the source of their study, using the correct citation of the official name of RCPS, SPG collection, and inventory number of the collection item, professional documentation, or restoration report number.
  8. Violation of any duties imposed on researchers by these regulations or providing false information may be grounds for denying further study in SPG.
  9. The researcher has access to study collection items and documentation in SPG after completing the research form and having their study approved by the director of SPG or another authorized person.
  10. The researcher does not have access to the SPG storage areas. Exceptions are not granted by J.M. the Strahov abbot or his authorized person.
  11. Collection items or documentation are presented at a pre-agreed time according to the gallery's schedule. If the researcher does not start studying at the agreed time, SPG is not obliged to reserve selected collection items or documentation for research purposes.
  12. The researcher must handle the collection items and documentation with utmost care and caution. When manipulating, they must follow all instructions from SPG's professional staff. The researcher must return the loaned item in the condition in which it was borrowed. Otherwise, they are responsible for any detected defects and must pay for the damage caused.
  13. In justified cases, a photograph of the respective collection item can be made for study purposes with a digital camera. In cases of planned publication, separate permission for photography and reproduction is required. Copying professional documentation, especially evidence tools, is not allowed. An exception is restoration reports, provided the copyright law is observed.
  14. The production of digital copies is charged according to the price list, which is an annex to these research regulations.

These research regulations take effect on February 1, 2016.


Libor Šturc,
Curator of Strahov Picture Gallery


Strahov Library Regulations from 1672
Strahov Library Regulations from 1672
Strahov Library Regulations from 1672
Strahov Library Regulations from 1672